Boundaries don't have to feel like a battle line.

Establishing Boundaries

Creating the Physical, Mental, and Relational Space You Need to Thrive 



In this day and age, there’s no shortage of information on setting, observing, maintaining, and honoring boundaries. In fact, there’s so much information that it can often feel overwhelming.

What exactly is a boundary? How do you set one? And what happens once you do?  

Boundaries are some of our most powerful tools for finding freedom, fostering healthy relationships, and taking ownership of our lives—but like all good things, they don’t come easy.

In Establishing Boundaries, we explore the building blocks of a healthy boundary, what kinds of boundaries are available to us, and how to truly make them work for us in every area of life.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Boundaries are something I’ve struggled with for a long time—especially when it comes to my family dynamics. I’ve carried around the belief that boundaries are mean or rude, and that they ultimately will leave me alone and isolated. This class helped me see that boundaries aren’t keeping me from those I love, instead, they offer a doorway to deeper connection and freedom.

Establishing Boundaries has been instrumental in changing the way I connect with myself and others, and I am so grateful!

— Establishing Boundaries Alumni

This class might be right for you if:  

  • You feel guilty about trying to set a boundary
  • You fall into relational patterns where you have a hard time figuring out where you end, and the other person begins 
  • You are confused about how boundaries are supposed to work 
  • You want to gain new tools that help you take care of yourself 
  • You need better ways to connect with yourself and others 
  • You want to put your boundaries to work in your professional relationships 



An interactive online environment to help make it personal and practical

60+ minutes of video teaching from one of our world-class emotional health experts


50+ page workbook to process, reflect on and track your journey

A special bonus module curated for leaders, including a roundtable discussion about boundaries in the workplace


Meet your guide.

Madison Lawn, MSCMHC, CET-II, is a group leader at Onsite in addition to running an online private practice out of her home in New Jersey.

She has experience working as a crisis counselor in the mental healthcare field, facilitating groups for grieving children, and providing weekly therapy to students in a university counseling center. In addition, Madison has competed in and won the American Counseling Association’s Master’s Level Ethics Competition alongside a team of her peers. Madison’s training includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Experiential Therapy, Psychodrama, Internal Family Systems (IFS), Ecotherapy, and trauma-informed counseling. In her education, Madison has worked on aiding professorial staff in publishing research and a book on the benefits of ecotherapy for both students and clients in the field.

At Onsite, Madison leads programs focusing on trauma, relationships, grief, codependency, and love addiction, as well as leading individual clients through the intensive process.



Establishing Boundaries for Leaders

In the first two modules of this class, we concentrate on building a foundation for understanding what boundaries are, why they are important, how they help foster connection, the kinds of boundaries available to us, and how we can implement them in our lives. 

The third bonus module builds on this foundation by examining the ways in which boundaries play a role in emotionally smart leadership and organizational health. Regardless of your position and whether or not you are part of a corporate culture, this rich conversation and insight is applicable in almost any context in which you find yourself leading, be it at home, in your community, within your faith tradition, or among your friend groups.

In this free bonus module, you'll learn to:

  • Identify important boundaries in positions of leadership 
  • Recognize how unique experiences and perspectives influence and inform how we establish and maintain boundaries. 
  • Develop and apply unique boundaries across different levels of an organization. 

 Boundaries don’t have to be about putting up walls or keeping distance. They can actually serve us in connecting more deeply in our personal and professional lives.

If we can truly harness the power of establishing boundaries, we can regain the agency, ownership, and choice we desire in every area of our life.   



We've got A's for your Q's

What is Establishing Boundaries

Establishing Boundaries is a digital emotional health class brought to you by Onsite that will help you identify and create more informed boundaries in every area of your life.

This accessible digital class includes over 60+ minutes of clinical expertise and an interactive learning environemtn designed to ground, unpack, and apply the concepts to your everyday life.

Is this class a replacement for therapy?

This class is not intended to provide therapy or be a replacement for any therapeutic involvement of a participant in the course. While the guide providing instruction is a licensed therapist in their respective state, they are not providing therapy in this course. By registering for Establishing Boundaries, you are agreeing that no therapist/client relationship is being formed between you and the guide providing instruction in the class or between you and Onsite.

Who is it for?

Establishing Boundaries is for anyone who wants to form a new (and healthy) relationship with boundaries. If you want to gain new tools that help you take care of yourself, this class is for you.

Who teaches the class?

Establishing Boundaries is taught by therapist and Onsite Guide Madison Lawn, MSCMHC, CET-II.

Will I be in contact 1 on 1 with the clinical team?

While you will not be in direct contact with Onsite's Clinical Team, you can interact with other participants through the comment function and by accessing Onsite's exclusive new community platform.

We know that healing happens in community and the healing connections of Onsite are translating into this digital course. You can walk through this alongside others on the same journey.

Can I purchase this class for a group or organization?

If you're interested in purchasing this for your organization, corporation or group, we'd love to connect to discuss how we can further support you in this effort.

Email us at 

How long will I have access to the class?

Upon purchase, you will have immediate access to the entire class through an easy-to-use online platform.

You will have access to this class and its content for the duration of the product's lifetime.

If I am an Onsite Alumni, will this course still benefit me?

This class is a great companion to the Onsite experience. As you know, we always encourage our alumni to begin implementing emotional health practices into their lives as soon as you leave Onsite, particularly finding a therapist and building healthy community.