Stop letting loneliness dictate your life and start creating relationships that matter.


Building Healthy Community

How to Combat Loneliness and Build Relationships that Matter 


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If we’re hard-wired for connection, why do we often feel so disconnected?

It should be so simple, right?

Why does finding community feel so frustrating?

If you find yourself asking these questions, you're in the right place. The truth is, it's good to want more because you deserve it—and it's out there.

Through helpful discussion, friendly conversation, and insightful teachings, Building Healthy Community will help you discover how to form and nourish the relationships you desire.

You’ll hear from four of our Onsite team members, guided by the expertise of Dr. Neil Bomar, M.D.


In this 80+ minute master class, we’ll discuss:

  • Why our templates for community may not serve us well in our modern context
  • The roles we play in our relationships and how we can show up in more integrated ways
  • What community requires from ourselves and from those with whom we want to create deep connection
  • What to expect from the community that we build, how to protect it, and how to honor ourselves in the process

An interactive online environment and a correlating community of like-minded individuals


100+ minutes of video teaching from our world-class team of emotional health experts


50+ page workbook to process, reflect on and track your journey

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

This has been a really lonely season. COVID brought into stark contrast the lack of depth of my friendships. This class helped me reimagine what community can look like and gave me tangible steps to build the community I actually want.

— Building Healthy Community Alumni


We've got A's for your Q's

What is Building Healthy Community?

Building Healthy Community is a digital emotional health class brought to you by Onsite that will help you build (and sustain) the deep and meaningful relationships you desire.

This accessible digital class includes over 80+ minutes of clinical expertise and an interactive workbook designed to ground, unpack, and apply the concepts to your everyday life.

Is this class a replacement for therapy?

This class is not intended to provide therapy or be a replacement for any therapeutic involvement of a participant in the course. While the guide providing instruction is a licensed therapist in their respective state, they are not providing therapy in this course. By registering for Building Healthy Community you are agreeing that no therapist/client relationship is being formed between you and the guide providing instruction in the class or between you and Onsite Workshops.

Who is it for?

Building Healthy Community is for all of us. If you are tired of feeling lonely, isolated, and disconnected, Building Healthy Community is for you. Learn how to redefine community and engage with it in a new, vibrant way.

Who teaches the class?

Building Healthy Community is taught by Dr. Neil Bomar, M.D., Onsite's Medical Services Director. The class also includes facilitation from Onsite team members, Phil Stone, Candi Shelton, and Mickenzie Vought.


Will I be in contact 1 on 1 with the clinical team?

While you will not be in direct contact with Onsite's Clinical Team, you can interact with other participants through the comment function and by accessing Onsite's exclusive new community platform.

We know that healing happens in community and the healing connections of Onsite are translating into this digital course. You can walk through this alongside others on the same journey.

Can I purchase this class for a group or organization?

If you're interested in purchasing this for your organization, corporation or group, we'd love to connect to discuss how we can further support you in this effort.

Email us at 

How long will I have access to the class?

Upon purchase, you will have immediate access to the entire class through an easy-to-use online platform.

You will have access to this class and its content for the duration of the product's lifetime.

If I am an Onsite Alumni, will this course still benefit me?

This class is a great companion to the Onsite experience. As you know, we always encourage our alumni to begin implementing emotional health practices into their lives as soon as you leave Onsite, particularly finding a therapist and building healthy community.