"Diversity is not a problem to be solved. It's an opportunity to be leveraged."

— Dr. Ed Barron

Becoming a More Inclusive Leader

How to Navigate (and Celebrate) the Complexities of the Humans We Lead



Often, leaders look at diversity as a problem that needs to be solved. When we're not careful, we see liability and risk, and forget to see humanity and potential. However, effective diversity, equity, and inclusivity work is not about incorporating a new program or initiative. Instead, it's about remembering, acknowledging, and celebrating one another for our unique perspectives, points of view, and human experiences. 

Easier said than done. Individuals are often taught to leave parts of themselves at home when approaching a workplace. And what's more, leaders too often gravitate toward those who think, look, and act like themselves. But these behaviors are liabilities to our leadership and to healthy, thriving work environments.

The best cultures—at work and at home—celebrate people not in spite of their differences but because of them. 

When we cultivate a world that honors and celebrates difference, we cultivate creativity, connection, and belonging. When we make room at the table for unique perspectives and experiences, we make room for innovation, growth, and change.

As with any piece of our emotional and professional wellness, it's essential to start with ourselves and understand the lens through which we see the world, the culture we work in, and our teams. Then, and only then, we can get curious about how we create culture and impact others' abilities to show up fully as themselves.

In Becoming a More Inclusive Leader, we'll explore how to effectively lead ourselves and others so that the greatest resource in our businesses—our people—feel invited, accepted, and celebrated.


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Collectively, we’ve all gone through a lot in the last few years, and whether we want to or not, we bring that with us to work. As a leader—and as someone that cares deeply about my employees—that can feel intimidating. The fear of getting things wrong or not knowing how to navigate the nuances of a workplace often leaves me frozen.

This class helped me realize that I don’t have to have all the answers to lean in and create a healthy work environment for those I lead. In fact, that’s exactly what my team needs—someone who stays curious, admits they don’t know everything, and makes room for diverse perspectives and experiences.

This class didn’t just give me a broader understanding of diversity, equity, inclusivity, and intersectionality, but it gave me a deeper understanding of why we need those things and how they impact the health of individuals and a company.

We all long to feel seen, known, and celebrated for what we bring to the table, and Becoming a More Inclusive Leader has given me the tools to begin to do that more effectively in my organization. I hope all leaders go through a class like this—if they did, I believe we’d have a more empathetic, kind, and caring workforce. 

— Becoming a More Inclusive Leader Alum

In Becoming a More Inclusive Leader, you’ll: 

  • Uncover your own biases and blind spots 
  • Explore some of the systems that created them and that keep them in place 
  • See the importance of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging 
  • Gain a deeper understanding of intersectionality and its impact in our workplaces 
  • Learn how to invest in your company culture and effectively lead through times of heightened division 



An interactive online environment to help make it practical and applicable

45+ minutes of video teaching from our team of world-class emotional health experts


50+ page workbook to process, reflect on, and track your journey

From the emotional health experts at Onsite

Onsite is an emotional health brand that wants to create an emotionally well world by reconnecting humanity. For decades, Onsite has helped tens of thousands of people feel more equipped to handle life's challenges and go from just surviving to thriving. All our resources are designed to help you optimize your life by building meaning and value into the human experience.

Historically, we've done this through in-person therapeutic experiences on our campus in the hills of Tennessee. We now offer services at multiple campuses in Tennessee, California and Online through digital classes and courses. 

After equipping thousands of leaders across diverse industries, we are thrilled to finally bring our expertise into the leadership space—an industry desperate for emotional wellness and internal transformation. 

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Dr. Edgar Barron

Organizational Consultant, DEI Leader, and Executive Coach

Julie Smith

Onsite's CEO, Seasoned Senior Executive, Board Member, and Thought Leader

Austin Houghtaling, LMFT

Therapist, Ph.D in Marriage and Family Therapy, and Trauma and Addiction Specialist

Billy McCoy

Onsite's Vice President of Human Resources

With each new generation, the world grows more diverse. How we respond to and recognize that diversity matters.  

As emotionally smart leaders, it's our responsibility to fold the human experience into business operations. We must recognize and respect what makes each of us who we are. By not only accepting, but embracing, both our differences and our commonalities, we can cultivate an environment of inclusivity and equality that fosters growth and prosperity.

In Becoming A More Inclusive Leader: How to Navigate (and Celebrate) the Complexities of the Humans We Lead, Dr. Ed Barron, Julie Smith, Austin Houghtaling, and Billy McCoy will guide us through conversations regarding the nuances of diversity, equity, inclusion, and intersectionality, and how we can leverage them to drive results as we foster a healthy work climate.

By leaning in and remaining curious, we can develop personal mindsets and organizational systems that allow diversity to not only exist, but flourish. 



We've got A's for your Q's

What is Becoming a More Inclusive Leader?

Becoming a More Inclusive Leader is a digital emotional health class brought to you by Onsite that will help you enhance your leadership by learning to navigate and celebrate the complexities of the people you lead.

This accessible digital class includes over 60+ minutes of clinical expertise and an interactive learning environment designed to ground, unpack, and apply the concepts to your everyday life.

Is this class a replacement for therapy?

This class is not intended to provide therapy or be a replacement for any therapeutic involvement of a participant in the course. While the guide providing instruction is a licensed therapist in their respective state, they are not providing therapy in this course. By registering for Becoming a More Inclusive Leader, you are agreeing that no therapist/client relationship is being formed between you and the guide providing instruction in the class or between you and Onsite.

Who is it for?

Becoming a More Inclusive Leader is for us all. Whether you find yourself leading an organization, a team, or others in your life, this class equips you to look within, understand the lens through which you see the world, and get curious about how you invite others to show as their full authentic selves. If you want to gain new tools that help honor and celebrate the people you lead, this class is for you.

Who teaches the class?

Becoming a More Inclusive Leader is taught by Dr. Ed Barron, Julie Smith, Austin Houghtaling, and Billy McCoy

Will I be in contact 1 on 1 with the clinical team?

While you will not be in direct contact with Onsite's Clinical Team, you can interact with other participants through the comment function and by accessing Onsite's exclusive new community platform.

We know that healing happens in community and the healing connections of Onsite are translating into this digital course. You can walk through this alongside others on the same journey.

Can I purchase this class for a group or organization?

If you're interested in purchasing this for your organization, corporation or group, we'd love to connect to discuss how we can further support you in this effort.

Email us at support@onsiteworkshops.com. 

How long will I have access to the class?

Upon purchase, you will have immediate access to the entire class through an easy-to-use online platform.

You will have access to this class and its content for the duration of the product's lifetime.

If I am an Onsite Alumni, will this course still benefit me?

This class is a great companion to any Onsite experience. As you know, we encourage our alumni to implement emotional health practices into their lives as soon as they leave Onsite, particularly finding a therapist and building healthy community.