Shame does not have to have the final word in your life, but it shouldn't be ignored, either.

The Shame Reframe

How to Retell Our Stories and Find Ourselves in the Process



Shame is universal to the human condition—it's something we all experience.

It is often an emotion we try to hide, minimize, or ignore—but the truth is when we ignore it, its power grows.

But like any other emotion, when we learn to acknowledge what shame can teach us, we can thoughtfully manage its impact and move forward with peace and understanding instead of getting trapped in those all-too-familiar shame spirals.  

This new emotional health class, The Shame Reframe, will equip you to explore the different aspects of shame, understand where it's coming from, identify how it's affecting your life, and invite you to form a different relationship with it.  

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Shame is something I’ve struggled with my whole life. I’ve always felt like I was too much—my emotions were too big, my mistakes were too large, and I was just too much to handle. So I learned to hide my shame, or so I thought. But in the dark it was only growing, leading me to be more isolated and alone. The Shame Reframe helped me bring my shame out of the dark and into the light. It helped me learn what it was trying to tell me and begin to form a new relationship with it. It’s an ongoing journey, but this class helped me begin the necessary process of rewriting some harmful narratives and taking power back in my story. 

— The Shame Reframe Alumni

This class might be right for you if:  

  • You struggle with feeling too much, not enough, or unlovable 
  • You have some unhelpful messages that keep repeating in your head 
  • You want to reconnect with your authentic self and find a way to quit hiding 
  • You feel like you’re not in control of your own life 
  • You want to understand how to have a different relationship with shame 



An interactive online environment and a correlating community of like-minded individuals


60+ minutes of video teaching from one of our world-class emotional health experts


50+ page workbook to process, reflect on and track your journey

Meet your guide.

Carlos Martinez, M.Div., MSMHC, LPC, ACS, CET-II, is a Clinical Supervisor at Onsite. He has worked helping people for almost 20 years as a therapist, counselor, professor, pastor, chaplain, and crisis interventionist. Carlos leads participant workshops on trauma, healthy sexuality and relationships, intimacy, and connecting with the self. He also helps curate the experiential programs for Onsite and helps lead and recruit their team of therapists from all over the world.

Carlos earned his master of divinity from Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. He earned his master of science in mental health counseling from Walden University and is a licensed professional counselor. He has experience working with people in both groups and individual work who have had struggles with trauma, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, personality disorders, grief and loss, childhood abuse, incest, and sexual assault.


You are more than your shame.


We've got A's for your Q's

What is The Shame Reframe

The Shame is a digital emotional health class about shame brought to you by Onsite that will help you retell your story and find yourself in the process.

This accessible digital class includes over 60+ minutes of clinical expertise and an interactive workbook designed to ground, unpack, and apply the concepts to your everyday life.

Is this class a replacement for therapy?

This class is not intended to provide therapy or be a replacement for any therapeutic involvement of a participant in the course. While the guide providing instruction is a licensed therapist in their respective state, they are not providing therapy in this course. By registering for The Shame Reframe you are agreeing that no therapist/client relationship is being formed between you and the guide providing instruction in the class or between you and Onsite Workshops.

Who is it for?

The Shame Reframe is for anyone who wants to change their relationship with shame. If you want to stop letting shame run your life, this class is for you.

Who teaches the class?

The Shame Reframe is taught by Onsite Clinical Supervisor, Carlos Martinez, M.Div., MSMHC, LPC, ACS, CET-II.

Will I be in contact 1 on 1 with the clinical team?

While you will not be in direct contact with Onsite's Clinical Team, you can interact with other participants through the comment function and by accessing Onsite's exclusive new community platform.

We know that healing happens in community and the healing connections of Onsite are translating into this digital course. You can walk through this alongside others on the same journey.

Can I purchase this class for a group or organization?

If you're interested in purchasing this for your organization, corporation or group, we'd love to connect to discuss how we can further support you in this effort.

Email us at 

How long will I have access to the class?

Upon purchase, you will have immediate access to the entire class through an easy-to-use online platform.

You will have access to this class and its content for the duration of the product's lifetime.

If I am an Onsite Alumni, will this course still benefit me?

This class is a great companion to the Onsite experience. As you know, we always encourage our alumni to begin implementing emotional health practices into their lives as soon as you leave Onsite, particularly finding a therapist and building healthy community.